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Onimaru masks are not making only masks for Paintball, Airsoft , Cosplay and Music Industry but also for Hockey . It is because the material of our mask which is the high quality plastic ABS is very strong and highly durable. It can stand high velocity of the BB guns bullets and the strong flying pucks of the Hockey hits ,as can be seen in the YouTube onimaru mask test for durability by hammerring! Our designs and paint work of the masks for paintball, airsoft ,cosplay and music industry are widely known and well accepted all through the years since 2009. Since we also have customized section to fulfill the imagination and the visuallisation of the mask lovers as we take oder from the full designed customized to the small customized like adding the team logo or the signature or the name of the mask owner on the mask of their idols from the games characters that they fancy to have. And their satisfactions are our great rewards! we are happy to make our customers happy! In fact we are going very strong that in very many occasions of the Season Greetings all the year round ,like the Hallooween, the Christmas , the New Year time, the Valentine etc and even on some private occasions , like the Birthday, our mask have been chosen to be given as valuable gifts having the masks resembling their feelings and thoughts. And in the making of the vintage goalie masks of the Legendary Goalies like Bernie Parent, Ken Dryden and all the rest,the making and the paint work of the of the masks are done with a great respect for the Goalies behind the masks who had put their high effort in protecting their goals. We will choose to make some of our own choices to make a Legendary Goalie Masks catalog as aready made ones. So far we have made Ken Dryden and Bernie Parent, but we will make some more. Apart from the paint work which can also involve some engravings, we have three finishes to be chosen from, which are : the Worn Look, the Matt Weave and the High-Gloss finish. So apart from the great Legendary Goalies that you can name them to have them made , we also do customized Goalie Mask of your own imagination and visuallization. You can have your own design made and/ or put your stamp,your name,your signature or your team logo on the masks of your idols.


All Airsoft & Paintball mask Goalie hockey mask LED mask

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