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We use Polycarbonate for the mask eye protection.It is a very durable material. Although it has high impact-resistance, And apart from this we have knots to fix each lens on the mask,for the most safest.

Adjustable and supporting liners Wearing your mask with locks on every strap and adjustable liners for firmness and having a small pocket at the back of the straps.

By design that fit your face,so it no need to have many padding and we use the material that not absorb water so you can use it for long play.

Material Made from high quality plastic ABS which is not a recycled –plastic, so you can be sure of the high quality of our every mask you purchase and it is not made from the fiberglass which must be hand molded only which making it hard to control the same standard quality of every piece. Our every mask is quality.

Paintjob The plastic ABS is widely accepted as being suitable for doing paint-work which is widely used in the car industry such as the bumper, so you can be sure of the endurability of the paint of our mask.

Ventilation system Our mask design has given more space between your nose and mouth, so you can breathe easier than through a hole from the sideway of the mask.Our design not only gives more room for ventilation but also reinforces a natural way of breathing which is up and down and down and up not on the side way.

Eye protection we have chosen the polycarbonate of the size to protect your eyes instead of the acrylic because of not only its superior material quality when compared millimeter by millimeter but also its thinner lens produce less vapor on them. And apart from this we have four knots to fix each lens on the mask not using the epoxy glue, because epoxy glue cannot sustain strong impact, so it is not suitable for fixing the lens used for paintball and airsoft high velocity bullets. And besides, the epoxy glue decay with time, so it is dangerous to use the long left-out epoxy fixed lens mask.

Vision The thinness of the lens which is only 2.5 mm gives a clearer vision. Because a thicker lens gives an inaccurate vision. With a lens of 3.2 cm wide and 7cm long which is a bigger size and from our research, you can be sure that you will not be easily shot on the side way from your opponent.

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